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8:00am — 5:00pm

4:30pm — 6:00pm

ISPA Women's Network (IWN) Reception

Hilton Columbus, John Christie Room,
2nd Floor (Bldg 401)

Light Refreshments

ISPA Women's Network       Women's Leadership Development Network

Ladies, get ready to unwind and connect at the most fabulous women's reception during ISPA EXPO, hosted by the ISPA Women's Network (IWN) and WithIt! Join us for a casual happy hour with martinis, and passed snacks – the perfect way to get ready for all the EXPO buzz!

Bet there at 4:30 to mingle and unwind while you connect with the dynamic women in our industry, share stories, and build meaningful connections in a relaxed atmosphere.

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Future Foam


Registration Hours:
7:00am — 6:00pm

Exhibit Hall Hours:
9:00am — 6:00pm

12:00pm — 1:00pm

Prepare for Government Actions and Policies That Will Affect Your Business

Yohai Baisburd, Partner, Cassidy Levy Kent
Alison Keane, President & CEO, Flexible and Packaging Association
Neal Cohen, Principal, Neal Cohen Law, LLC

Room: B130

Boxed-Lunch Included | Session: $60.00

ISPA works to inform lawmakers and protect the mattress industry from unfair and burdensome legislation and regulations.  In this session, a panel of experts from the private sector will explain how government actions may influence both the industry and your bottom line.  Use this knowledge to strengthen your company’s resilience and evolve your commercial strategy.  The panel will focus on three of the most important topics for businesses in today's rapidly changing environment:

  • The status of pending anti-dumping and countervailing duty investigations of mattresses from 13 countries and other international trade developments
  • Actions by the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission that could change the components you use to make mattresses
  • The impact of evolving recycling policies and laws on the mattress sector, including the materials we use to package our products


Yohai Baisburd, Partner, Cassidy Levy KentAlison Keane, President & CEO, Flexible and Packaging AssociationNeal Cohen, Principal, Neal Cohen Law, LLC

6:00pm — 8:00pm

ISPA Welcome Reception

Convention Center
North Atrium
Cocktails & Hors D'oeuvres

Get ready to tip-off an exciting and welcoming experience at the ISPA EXPO with our March Madness Welcome Reception! Join us for an evening of slam-dunk networking, exciting matchups, and a winning atmosphere as we kick off this incredible trade show.

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Registration Hours:
7:00am — 6:00pm

Exhibit Hall Hours:
9:00am — 6:00pm

8:00Am — 9:00Am

Navigating the Road to Sustainable Sleep: Best Practices in Sustainable Manufacturing

Speaker: Ryan McMullan, Principal Consultant, Lean Green Way

Room: B130

Continental Breakfast Included | Session: $60.00

Ryan McMullan, Principal Consultant, Lean Green WayThere is a growing global consciousness toward responsible consumption and environmental preservation. This session will explore best practices in sustainable manufacturing in the mattress industry, by focusing on five concrete examples of reducing waste and energy while gaining efficiency. Attendees will gain inspiration for specific practices that they can take home to their facilities to adapt, then use them as a springboard to inspire their teams to make further improvements.

Innovation helps the industry discover how we can minimize waste, save energy, and reduce environmental footprints. From improving employee training to partnering with suppliers to applying lean production principles to waste and energy, we'll dissect the multifaceted challenges production managers confront. The real-world examples of sustainable manufacturing in the mattress industry will illuminate a path toward a more sustainable and responsible future.

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12:00pm — 1:00pm

Insights Into Today’s Mattress Shopper

Panelist: Terry Cralle, MS, RN, CPHQ, Author and Sleep Educator
Moderator: Mary Helen Rogers, Senior Vice President, ISPA

Room: B130

Boxed-Lunch Included | Session: $60.00

Since 1997, the Better Sleep Council has conducted extensive research on the contemporary mattress shopper, providing insights into various aspects, including replacement cycles, preferred features, and the influence of sustainability in purchasing decisions. This session will explore the “where” and “why” of consumer mattress shopping. You will also hear tailored updates on replacement cycles and pricing dynamics to assist the industry's understanding of mattress shopper's motivations and behaviors. Seize this opportunity to stay at the forefront of the ever-changing mattress market and hear from industry colleagues how this information can be used to improve consumer connectivity.

Terry Cralle, MS, RN, CPHQ, Author and Sleep EducatorMary Helen Rogers, Vice President, ISPA

Co-sponsored by

Better Sleep Council Sleep Savvy magazine


Registration Hours:
7:30am — 4:00pm

Exhibit Hall Hours:
9:00am — 4:00pm

8:00am — 9:00am

Mattress Recycling Council: Rising to the Opportunities

Room: B130

Continental Breakfast Included | Session: $60.00
With over eight years of experience operating statewide mattress recycling programs in California, Connecticut and Rhode Island that have resulted in more than 12 million recycled mattresses and the diversion of 450 million pounds of materials from landfill, the Mattress Recycling Council is committed to a future where mattress recycling is economically viable.

  • Hear from the organization’s leadership about what has made MRC successful and their work to develop efficiencies in mattress collection, transportation and deconstruction activities, as well as identify new uses for recycled mattress materials.
  • Attendees of this presentation will gain a better understanding of MRC, current state laws, the progress made in addressing identified challenges and the opportunities that lie ahead.
Sponsored by
Mattress Recycling Council

3:00pm — 4:00pm

Happy Hour
in the Exhibit Hall

Cocktails & Hors D'oeuvres

Close out the event with this final networking opportunity.





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