Welcome Reception

at the NASCAR Hall of Fame

You Win Some. You Lose Some. You Wreck Some…

No matter what, you’ll still have loads of fun at
ISPA EXPO’s rocking Welcome Reception!

Sponsored by: Atlanta Attachment


NASCAR Hall of Fame, right across the street from the Convention Center


Wednesday, March 14th

Race Time: 6:00pm – 8:00pm


– All ISPA EXPO attendees are invited to the ISPA EXPO Welcome Reception.

– Each registered attendee also receives one guest ticket with their badge, good for admission for one non-registered guest to the Reception.

– Registered attendees MUST wear their ISPA EXPO badge and guests MUST have tickets to be admitted.

-All registered EXPO attendees also receive at ticket good for one free drink at the reception bars and a ticket good for one free “moonshot” at the upper level bar.

-Every attendee will receive a hard card upon entry. The Hall houses more than 50 interactive activity kiosks where you will be able to utilize your card to either play a game, perform a challenge, or learn more about the exhibit near you. Your card is your “all-access pass” to activities in the facility.

Be sure to enjoy the following highlights:
  • Race Simulators:
    Race against up to 14 other guests to simulate a 3-minute real race experience in a race car that remains stationary. The iRacing software will keep track of your performance, and the person with the fastest elapsed lap wins.
  • Pit Crew Activity Challenge:
    Team up with others to form a pit crew and perform a simulated pit stop. There are three positions: a jack man, a tire changer, and a fueler. Each team of three will be racing against the clock for the fastest pit time.
  • High Octane Theater:
    Enjoy the State-of-the-art theater featuring a 12-minute film introducing viewers to the history of NASCAR.
  • The Great Hall:
    See rotating exhibit displays, an interactive 14’x18’ video billboard displaying lively video scenes and messages, and compass lines drawn on the floor that point toward current and historic racetracks and the majestic Glory Road.
  • Glory Road:
    Walk on the surface and experience a banked ramp simulating various racetracks including the impressive 33-degree incline found at Talladega Superspeedway. Glory Road showcases 18 historic cars and highlights 40 current and historic tracks.

It’s time to Boogity Boogity Boogity – Let’s Go Racing at the NASCAR Hall of Fame with ISPA. Don’t miss it!