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Digital Persuasion:  Sell Smarter!

Wednesday, March 14 | 8:00 AM — 9:00 AM

Digital Persuasion: Sell Smarter!

Keynote Speaker: Erin Gargan

Award-winning entrepreneur, author, and digital persuasion expert

When you type, text or tweet, how persuasive are you? Today, you have only seconds for that potential customer, client or partner to scan the first few words of their mobile notification to decide if you are an “ignore” or “engage”. Erin Gargan, CEO of Socialite Agency, a social media firm whose clients include The Oscars, ABC/Disney, VISA, Hitachi and others, helps her audiences understand the psychology behind why some people’s digital messaging wins time with prospects–while most others don’t. She shares her formula for how to effectively and appropriately elicit a response, spark a dialogue and bypass the “screen-keeper” to attract more in-person opportunities.

Analyze This

Wednesday, March 14 | 12:00 PM — 1:00 PM

Analyze This

Mike Knight, President and CEO

Customer Analytics, LLC

Learn about ISPA’s new data initiative, ISPA Consumer Analytics Program (ICAP), which provides bedding retailers and manufacturers with market intelligence they can use to grow their share of consumer spending. This innovative program complements ISPA’s existing wholesale data, and will both publish aggregate retail data for the full industry, and deliver valuable insights to participating retailers about their businesses and customers. ICAP uses demographic tools that can increase retailers’ sales and profitability by making their advertising expenditures more efficient, capitalizing on untapped market potential and guiding future growth decisions. Mike Knight of Customer Analytics will lead the discussion. Mike has 30+ years of experience in applied economic, demographic and forecasting analytics across industries from health care to retail.

A View From the Top — A Look At Modern Manufacturing

Thursday, March 15 | 8:00 AM — 9:00 AM

Panel Discussion: A View From the Top—A Look At Modern Manufacturing


Bill Creekmuir, President, Pinnacle Search Partners, LLC


Jeff Rosenlund, Client Lead, Performance Solutions by Milliken

Wyatt Rosenlund, Plant Leader, Milliken Innovarest – Gillespie

Manufacturing is undergoing yet another revolution and modern manufacturers need to rethink their processes, systems and workforce in order to remain competitive. No matter what the end product, all successful companies must incorporate new technologies and a trained labor force into their production capabilities. In this panel discussion, find out what you need to consider in order to overcome challenges, take advantage of new opportunities and remain efficient and profitable in a quickly evolving manufacturing landscape.

CPSC and the Mattress Industry

Thursday, March 15 | 12:00 PM — 1:00 PM

CPSC and the Mattress Industry


Lisa Scott, Project Manager, Directorate for Laboratory Sciences, CPSC

Take this opportunity to get up to speed on the latest updates from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. CPSC officials will provide an overview of consumer product safety activity and standards compliance developments that concern mattresses, with an emphasis on the Part 1632 smoldering cigarette ignition and Part 1633 open-flame ignition mattress flammability standards. The program will also include an update of agency actions concerning the use of organohalogen flame retardants. A short Q & A will follow the presentation, so come prepared with your questions.


ISPA Industry Breakfast

Friday, March 16 | 8:00 AM — 10:00 AM

Keynote Speaker: Johnny ‘Cupcakes’ Earle

Highly Successful Entrepreneur and Branding Expert

Founder and CEO of Johnny Cupcakes

Founded by Johnny Earle, Johnny Cupcakes has grown from a “joke” to an exclusive t-shirt brand that inspires fans to camp out and line up around the block for his highly sought after t-shirts. Named “America’s #1 Young Entrepreneur” by BusinessWeek and featured on NPR and in Forbes, Newsweek, the Wall Street Journal and New York Times, Johnny will share how he took his brand from the trunk of his rusty car to a global, multi-million dollar business. He’ll piece together how his success reinforces the power of details, customer experience and brand loyalty and share his secret recipe for viral business and marketing success.

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